/Turning “Someday” Dreams into Today

Turning “Someday” Dreams into Today

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You know those big dreams we save for “someday”?

Like someday you’ll have the house of your dreams, someday your health will be much better, someday you’ll retire from this job you don’t love, someday you’ll have the financial security you’ve always wanted, someday you’ll finally have that wonderful relationship.

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Some things we want seem so big that we can’t help but think of them as for “later.”

Because right now we have to keep going to this job, we have to deal with this health challenge, we’re stuck in this marriage, we have to be careful with money, etc.

I thought the same thing when change rolled up on my doorstep a couple years ago. I needed to move, and while I knew that eventually I wanted to live somewhere with more space and more nature, I knew this wasn’t the time yet. I didn’t know why this wasn’t the time yet, I just knew it wasn’t. It’s not that time.

Except that it was.

That “someday” dream came true today. Before I even really knew it was happening.

I just kept following the thread of what felt better, what felt better, with every home I looked at. And it took a while, but eventually I realized I was looking at dream homes. Not “in the meantime” homes. Not “this will do for now” homes. But dream homes!

Because it turned out there wasn’t any good reason that someday couldn’t be today.

I know someone who lost a job he didn’t like, who is looking for another job he probably won’t love, despite the fact that he is sitting on a financial fortune that would allow him to retire today. Because he believes his dream of not working any more is for another day, not today.

Almost two decades ago I recognized a dream to be a law of attraction coach. It was a big dream that I didn’t know what to do with. It didn’t fit in my life in any way, shape or form. I was not prepared to host it.

For almost five years I alternated between trying to ignore this crazy idea and daring to follow it. Finally, with some coach support, I said yes to it. My practice was full within three months. Almost five years of waffling, wavering, wondering, hoping, doubting, wanting, until finally saying yes to it.

Five years is a long time.

Here’s why I’m writing about this today …

I think many of us entertain dreams we’re holding off for the future that we could say yes to today.

This “dream come true” business doesn’t have to take nearly as long as we make it. Certainly not as long as I sometimes make it.

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Sometimes there may be good reasons to hold the dream at bay, but I’m having trouble thinking of one.

What works better is to realize dreams were made for living and they can happen as fast as we dare let them.

Yes, I’ll acknowledge there is something to be said for allowing ourselves to acclimate to what we want (getting used to the idea of it). Sometimes it takes a minute to warm up to a big idea.

But that’s not what many of us are doing (warming up) … we’re either ignoring our dreams completely or reminding ourselves why they’re not possible.

The other day I was on a walk in the canyon with three dogs and a friend. I realized I was living my dream come true. It was the middle of the week, the middle of the day, I was in a gorgeous place with amazing company doing what I loved most.

Once upon a time, that seemed too impossible to take seriously.

In fact, I used to harbor a variety of back-burner ideas about how one day life would be different …

One day I’d have as many animals as I wanted without anyone caring.
One day I wouldn’t have to leave them at home while I worked a job.
One day I’d love my work so much that I’d do it for free! That’s how much I’d love it.
One day I’d live in a beautiful place that offered an amazing connection with nature.
One day I’d be in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man, blissfully content with each other and life.
One day I’d have enough money that I could spend it without limitation. I could buy whatever I wanted without a care.
One day my body would be the picture of ideal health – strong, energized, flexible, thriving.

All but two (and a half) of those are so much a part of my regular daily life that I forget I ever lived any other way. Some came about swiftly and deliberately, some unfolded in slow motion without my conscious involvement.

So I have some experience with dreams come true, both the hard and long way and the easy and enjoyable way. That’s why I think I can speak with some authority on this subject.

This is what I’d recommend for embracing “someday” dreams today:

Give up any reasons why you think it can’t happen now.
Remember you don’t have to figure out how to make it happen; you only have to be willing to say yes to it now.
Your inner guidance will call you forward to your dream come true via what feels better. Follow that thread.
Relax about what happens and what doesn’t happen as you follow inspiration. Attachment to results kinks things up.
Don’t require your loved ones to get it or to support you. They’ll likely try to talk sense into you. But they aren’t supposed to get it. This is your dream, not theirs.
Make peace with the present while your dream unfolds. Resisting present reality locks us into it. If we can appreciate what’s here now, the new and improved version flows in even faster.

You likely already know what works best, though, because you’ve already manifested a couple of your favorite dreams, too, I’d wager. Care to share your best tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments!


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