/Trump’s next move in the US-China trade war could hit your wallet harder than the last

Trump’s next move in the US-China trade war could hit your wallet harder than the last

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President Donald Trump has said tariffs on another $257 billion worth of imports from China are ready to go.
That round will be more easily felt by the average American household, analysts say.
At the same time, lower oil prices and planned general tariff cuts in China may help mitigate inflationary pressures there.

After months of trade escalations between Washington and Beijing, headlines about incoming tariffs on Chinese products may seem almost routine. But the next round of escalations could be a whole new game for American consumers, triggering broader effects on prices and on the US economy.

While widespread inflationary pressure from tariffs hasn’t been apparent so far, according to analysts at Citi Research, that could quickly change. There have already been signs of modest price pressures building across the US, particularly within supply chains.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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