/The best phone you can buy for under $500

The best phone you can buy for under $500

Budget phones have gotten really good over the last few years. Meanwhile, the price of flagship devices has stayed about the same, with some phones approaching or passing the $1,000 mark. Is it worth it to pay a premium for a slightly better experience? Senior tech reporter Antonio Villas-Boas breaks down what makes the Moto G6 the best budget phone you can buy.  Following is a transcript of the video.

Antonio Villas-Boas: So, I’m a tech reviewer, as you can imagine I have access to a lot of cool gadgets, the latest and best smartphones. So I tend to use those, you know, really high-end smartphones. Whenever a $250 smartphone comes across my desk, like the Moto G6, I’m interested, you know, I want to see how far a less expensive smartphone could take me. I honestly can’t say that I was noticing that this was a $250 smartphone. I was just using my apps, watching my videos, doing my things, just on this $250 smartphone.

Another great thing about this phone is its design. This is a glass back smartphone. That’s something you usually find on the high-end stuff. You know, you’re not gonna get some of the stuff like wireless charging. Honestly, overall it looks like a really nice phone. Fine, you know, it’s got the bezels. Right? It’s got the top and bottom bezels that are kind of large, by today’s standards. That never really bothered me when I was using it.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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