/China rocked by scandal of shady vaccine being given to 3 month old babies

China rocked by scandal of shady vaccine being given to 3 month old babies

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China is trying to become a player in the global pharmaceutical space, but a scandal involving shaky vaccines being given to babies as young as three months has caused outrage and doubt. 
The case has gone viral in China, where sensitivity over food and drug safety is extremely high after a slew of scandals over the last decade.
According to the China Food and Drug Administration, Changsheng fabricated production records as well as product inspection records, and arbitrarily changed process parameters and equipment, in “serious violations” of the law.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A vaccine scandal in China, which has prompted angry reactions from citizens fed up with safety scares, is sending ripples across the local drug market and threatening Chinese ambitions to play a larger role in the global pharmaceutical space.

Shares in Chinese vaccine makers and biotech firms fell across the board on Monday after Premier Li Keqiang slammed Changsheng Biotechnology Co for having crossed a moral red line and called for swift action.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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