/6 Ways to (Really) Be Rich

6 Ways to (Really) Be Rich

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This post series is about how to be rich.

Conscious creators know that once we adopt the vibration of rich it has to become our reality.

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That’s how law of attraction works and that’s the best way to become rich.

It’s not about spending less or saving more, or cutting up credit cards or finding better investments, or figuring out how to make more.

Creating financial prosperity is about becoming that vibrational frequency.

Once we’re on the same energetic wavelength as wealth and abundance, it manifests. Effortlessly, enjoyably, and very often swiftly.

That means we just need to practice feeling rich now. Find ways to feel now how you would feel then.

That’s what the latest course at Good Vibe U leads us through. Before our bank account balance changes, before the debt is erased, before we get a gigantic raise or marry rich, we’re going to find ways to feel rich here and now.

That’s all it takes. Because once we’re dialed there, we just follow inspiration to financial dreams come true.

So the trick is … how to feel rich before you are?

Here are six reliable ways to do that:

(Note: you don’t need to do all six. Embracing even one will do nicely!)

1. Stop thinking that you aren’t already rich.

That knowing contradicts your rich vibration and slow progress. Start seeing how you are rich, already.

Yes, it might take some new thoughts to see things that way, but if you keep looking for it you’ll eventually see how you are rich already.

(Because that’s how law of attraction works – we get whatever we look for.)

In fact, I ran across this reminder from Tim Ferris today.

2. Start living rich.

Yes, you can. (I know your gremlin just popped in saying something like, “But I can’t live rich before I have the money!”)

Yes, you can. Introduce little things or actions to your environment or daily routine that represent wealth to you.

For me that includes keeping a clean car. Painting my toe nails. Making time for yoga. Dusting the desk.

Those are just a few of my things that make me feel like I’m living rich. Your “wealth prompts” will be different than mine. But that’s another way to activate the vibrations of prosperity and abundance.

3. Bless others’ abundance.

I once knew a fellow creator who exclaimed “Mahalo!” anytime she saw someone else living what she wanted. Whether it was a car or a relationship, that’s how she called it into her own world – by celebrating whenever she saw someone else with it.

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I once heard mahalo defined as “blessing the space between us.” I don’t know if that’s an accurate translation (probably not), but I like that idea and the practice.

When you can celebrate someone else’s prosperity as if it were your own, you align with it. When you begrudge another for having it, or feel jealousy or envy, that puts distance between you and your wealth.

You can’t begrudge anyone else their abundance while still attracting your own.

4. Log your favorite rich memories.

Tell yourself the story of your most wealthy experiences. Re-immerse in what it was like like to feel really rich.

You could journal it, tell someone else the story, or just recall it in your mind’s eye, but however you leverage a past experience when you personally felt rich is an easy way to tap this vibe.

I use the time when years ago I was standing in a Walmart trying to decide whether to buy the cheetah-spots cat bed or the tiger-striped cat bed. I was taking so long to choose, that with my boyfriend waiting on me, I just decided to get them both. When I put both beds in the cart he said, “Oh, I forgot. You’re a billionairess.”

It sounds funny (and it was to me), but you know what? I did feel rich!

Or that time my retirement specialist friend from Fidelity opened my fridge door to find strawberries in there, and shouted at me, “Organic strawberries in December?! Do you have any idea how much these cost?”

And I didn’t (have any clue what they cost). It made me smile to realize that. I felt rich in that moment, and still get juice from it all these years later.

5. Pre-experience wealth in virtual reality.

Imagination is our superpower, fellow creators. Muggles dismiss it, but with imagination engaged we can create anything.

Here’s my favorite way to activate a really rich visualization:

Come up with three answers to each of these three questions:

What will I see that shows I’m rich?
What will I hear that proves I’m rich?
What will I touch/feel that is evidence of my wealth?

When you have named those nine things, you are using your superpower nicely.

6. Close the gap on your rich self.

This is my hands down favorite way to align to wealth, not just because it’s super fun but because when you can pull this off results come in swift fashion!

Here’s how it works: Tune into the version of you that is living rich, and notice what’s different about that version of yourself. Do you walk differently? Is your smile the same? Do you sit in your chair differently? Do you answer the phone the same way?

Notice whatever’s different between rich you and current you, and then close the gap where you can, one little habit or difference at a time.

We’re going to have a lot of fun with this one at GVU!

If you’re liking this post series and want to take a deeper dive on the topic, we officially begin Tuesday. You can become a member today and get access to the full course materials and forum posts.

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