/10 Insights from Studying Successful Creators

10 Insights from Studying Successful Creators

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As a private manifesting coach and course leader at a robust LOA membership site, I’ve been in a unique position to have eyes on many different manifesting routines and their results.

We’ve had about two thousand people come through Good Vibe University, and I’ve been working full time as a conscious creation coach for over 13 years.

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That’s a lot of people – and a lot of insight!

So I’m not just relying on my own results to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating what we want.

This past summer I logged the differences between those who successfully manifest what they want and those who are still working on it.

Here are 10 things I noticed about how those who are great at this differ from those still figuring it out:

1. We can be both.

We don’t each always fall in just one category. Sometimes we’re rocking it, and other times we’re not. That’s what made this study even more interesting to me – because it was clear there was something else going on. A person could be great at manifesting hot dates on a dime, but struggle to experience financial freedom. Or vice versa.

Beyond that, what I observed is that highly successful manifestors are:

2. Highly self-aware.

Those who are good at creating what they want are honest with themselves about what their vibration is. They recognize when they’re out of alignment and (rather than insist that they’re dialed in) they take steps to shift the energy. There’s no wishful thinking – they know when they’ve got it and when they don’t.

3. Don’t take it too seriously.

Rockin’ manifestors could be described as sort of hootless, carefree, or lighthearted. They don’t try too hard, they don’t grasp for results, and they don’t seem to take life or themselves too seriously. They’re pretty fun to be around!

4. A sense of worthiness.

The folks on my list who were good at conscious creation rolled with an innate knowing that they are deserving of their desire. They don’t struggle with guilt or shame, and they know how to let life be good to them. They also aren’t looking to the manifestation for a completion or propping up of their identity. They’re already complete.

5. Already enjoying life.

They aren’t trying to make this thing happen so they can be happy – they already have delightful things going on. Or at least, they have a habit of focusing on the parts that are already good. They aren’t sourced from a place of lack.

6. Free of energy drains.

Hand in hand with #5 was that successful manifestors aren’t weighed down with big tolerations in their life. Not because those things didn’t occasionally crop up, but because they don’t put up with them. They resolve the irritations and energy drainers that compromise the vibrational integrity of others.

7. Liberated from others’ opinions.

This was my favorite trait in those who rocked their creation powers … they don’t get hung up worrying (or really even thinking) about other opinions. Naysayers and even their own gremlins don’t get a good foothold with these folks. That makes really good room for them to follow their own inner guidance better than the average creator.

8. Don’t obsess about results.

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Highly successful creators aren’t quick to take score or measure their manifesting progress. (Probably because they’re busy already enjoying life!) As a result, they’re unphased by the buffers-of-time that take others right out of the game. It’s like they have a gift for being oblivious to lack of tangible results. And that’s probably because they …

9. Expect things to go their way.

Success doesn’t take them by surprise; rather they take it in stride. They roll with a belief that things generally work out well for them, which means they spent less time fretting, doubting, or worrying. Contradictory thoughts are not obstacles to their desires.

10. Reality is not the boss of them.

Their focus isn’t dictated by real life conditions. Instead they hold current circumstances lightly. I wouldn’t say they’re oblivious to present reality, but they certainly don’t pay too much attention when it isn’t helpful to do so. They are well aware of how they feel (i.e. their vibration), but not so tuned in to “what is.” That’s a nice combo!

On the other hand, those who struggled to leverage law of attraction successfully often tried hard to do so (lots of efforting), were anxious about getting results, didn’t exhibit great receiving skills, were often in a state of “waiting for it,” thus could easily slip into disbelieving or doubting, were highly attentive to current reality, and regularly came from a place of lack.

And again, I noticed that we aren’t always only one or the other. Some desires could inspire fear and grasping in even the best creators; while other subjects were a cinch for those that were challenged in just about every other area.

Here’s what didn’t make any difference in how successful folks were in their manifesting practice:

Length of time studying conscious creation.
Someone who was brand new at this was just as likely to succeed (if not more so) than someone who had read or attended everything they could find about law of attraction. Information didn’t make the difference.

Guru followed or method employed.
There wasn’t consistently one teacher, process or routine that worked best for everyone. Their practices varied widely! Some were committed and discliplined; others were sporadic slackers. Couldn’t see a correlation here.

Nature of their desire.
Some dreams were little, some were big, some were selfless, some would be considered “materialistic.” I couldn’t see that the nature of the desire itself made any difference as to whether it was likely to manifest or not.

After studying the habits of the most successful creators I’ve met, I got inspired to put together a new manifesting formula based on what seemed to work best. It’s radical in a couple of ways, but it incorporates the key elements of success.

It actually turned into a month long manifesting course that I’m calling The Dream Render. It spans 28 days and builds momentum as we go.

If you’re interested in trying it out with me, our first meetup is on September 27th where I’ll give an intro and prep work before we launch the official formula starting on October 4th.

GVU members get this one as part of their membership perks (join here if you’re not already in).

For everyone else, you can score a seat to this course for $197 here. (Yes, it’ll be recorded if you can’t dial in live. Yes, I’ll send written notes and other course materials that you can print out.) Email me at jmaw@goodvibecoach.com with any other questions.

Again, if you’re a GVU member, do not purchase this course! You’re automatically in and can find more details in this forum thread.

However we do it, whether it’s in a committed solo practice or by finding a supportive group to catapult our success, my desire and intention is for all of us to get exponentially better at embracing our true powers to create the reality we prefer.

That’s my idea of a good time. 🙂

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